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The Story of F1Naz

In 1926, a group of people started holding prayer meetings in the Bellepoint school house.  Most of these people came from surrounding Methodist churches.  Their hearts' desire was for an "old fashioned" Methodist Church.  That July, revival services were held in Frankfort and the hopes for organizing a Nazarene church began to cement.  An organizational meeting was held, and twelve people gave their names and a vow of church membership.

It was on July 9, 1926 that District Superintendent Rev. J.W. Montgomery came to Frankfort for the purpose of organizing the First Church of the Nazarene.  The charter was open, and the original twelve came forward to unite with the church.  Frankfort First was born!

That August 27th, the church met for the purpose of calling a pastor, and Rev. E.C. Martin was elected and accepted the call to be the first pastor of Frankfort First.  He served until the following August of 1927.  

In February 1928, the church board voted to change the place of worship from the Bellepoint School to the I.O.O.F hall in Downtown Frankfort.  This is where they would gather for worship until they built their own building.  

After a successful building fund campaign, the church voted on December 16, 1928 to purchase a lot on the corner of Benson and Polsgrove Ave.  Construction began in July 1929, and the first service in the new building was celebrated on Sunday, November 24, 1929.  The church still stands today and is known as Bellepoint Community Church 

A recent snapshot of F1Naz's first building 

(courtesy of Google Maps)

The Original 12:

Mrs. W. C. Thompson

Mr. W.R. Thompson

Mrs. Lee Thurman

Mr. & Mrs. Herman Wiley

Mrs. A.C. Wiley

Miss Rebecca Wiley

Mrs. R.E. White

Mrs. Burrell McQuillen

Mrs. Margaret Smith

Miss Marjorie Thompson

Mrs. J.D. Thurman

Over the next few decades, Frankfort First served their community and saw several pastors serve faithfully.  None, however, served with the longevity of Reverend and Mrs. J. Carter Roberts, who began their ministry at F1Naz on September 12, 1955.  


On May 15, 1957, the church voted to purchase property on Myrtle Avenue for the sum of $14,500.  A new church facility was needed for expansion and for flooding and high water issues caused by the Kentucky River.

Obtaining the financing for a new church building on the property proved to be a struggle, but God made a way, and soon plans were underway to construct the current site of F1Naz on Myrtle Avenue!  The new church was finally completed in 1960, and two years later a new parsonage was constructed on the property.  Reverend and Mrs. Roberts remained as pastors until 1969, completing fourteen years as our leaders.

Reverend and Mrs. J. Carter Roberts served from 1955 to 1969

F1Naz experienced a period of unprecedented growth and impact following its move to Myrtle Avenue, and through the course of the following decades has seen a great deal of servant leaders faithfully doing the work of spreading the Gospel.

Our current Pastor, Mark Routt, accepted the call to lead F1Naz in 2019. 

Today, with fresh vision, a renewed commitment to fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus to "go and make disciples of all the nations" (Matt. 28: 19-20), and a focus on the surrounding neighborhood, F1Naz stands ready to once again to draw people and families to a life-changing faith in Jesus, growth in study, prayer, and service, & hands always extended to our community.   After 90 years, F1Naz is just getting started!

The current home of F1Naz at 124 Myrtle Ave, completed in 1960

A 90-Year History of Pastoral Service

Reverend E.C. Martin
Reverend W.V. Thompson
Reverend J.A. McCammon
Reverend R.B. Kelley
Reverend J.F. Simpson
Reverend C.R. Thrasher
Reverend C.T. Duckett
Reverend W.P. Wilhoyte
Reverend Eudell Milby
Reverend J. Carter Roberts
Reverend Chester Pike
Reverend Beryl Spross
Reverend Jim Roberts
Reverend Bill Smith
Reverend Eugene Figge
Reverend Gale Ashby
Reverend Justin Hayes
Reverend Daniel Rogers
Reverend Mark Routt
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